A variety of disinfectant with utility

Today was pretty much as a disinfectant chemicals traded in the market. However, apparently there are still many difficult breeders select it, and some even think that any type of disinfectant able to eradicate all types of organisms, and this is completely untrue. Therefore, it needs to know more about the various amcam disinfectant and usefulness.

1. Creolis Sapenatum
In general Creolis Sapenatum Liquor sold as Lysol. Lysol has its broader work on the organism and its ability to 3 times greater than phenol.

2. ammonia
Coccidiosis infection, amoniaklah As with disinfectant should be used in order coccidian oocyst be eradicated. This disinfectant is its use with a solution of 20% ammonia

3. formalin
For ND infection and need to use potassium permanganate formalinphenaol are able to eradicate the virus ND.

4. Copper sulfate
Jka Aspergillosis infection in cages, where litter in humid conditions, the cage can spray with a fungicide such as: Copper sulfate solution 0.5%.

5. Sumithion and Malathion
While parasite infection cages outside can didesinfektir by spraying insecticides like Malathion or Sumithion. Both Sumathion and Malathion will become inactive if there is an alkaline material, in this case including chicken manure. That is why, then spraying with insecticides made ​​after the cage was washed with soda.

6. Jodophor
This material is a synthesis of njodium and organic substances. Ssangat disinfectant is effective against all gram positive and negative bacteria, fungi and viruses.

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